American Refractory Service, Inc. provides service to California and Nevada.

Our crews specialize in the refractory industry installing ceramic fiber, firebrick, plastic refractory, casting and guniting refractories. We have a complete staff of engineering, fabricating, construction, and warehouse capabilities as well as construction experience installing refractories in the petro-chem, heat treating, metal processing, wood processing, and manufacturing industries. We work on incinerators, all types of boilers and furnaces, kilns, thermal oxidizer units, and many other refractory applications.

American Refractory Service, Inc. provides high standards in safety, quality workmanship, and technical excellence which result in a high quality service. We have a high level of confidence in our abilities to meet your needs.

We utilize and maintain high quality equipment with the latest technology in the industry.

Gunite equipment setup with dust extractor to minimize adverse effects in air quality and nearby personnel.